Tamasha Again! support Dj for Dj klick from Berlin in Delhi

  • 2010/03/05(金) 15:29:40

前回のtokyo sound tamashaから早2週間。再びデリーです。

今回はベルリン気鋭のDj klickのサポートDjでフロアーを暖めます。

Berlin Sound Tamasha featuring DJ Krick
Shalom Peace Experiments and Culture Must present
Start Time:
Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 9:30pm
End Time:
Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 1:00am
Shalom Med Lounge Bar - Vasant Vihar, D - Block Market
While our former resident DJs (22ROCKETS & Andre Gardeja) will host the Delhi Sound Tamasha together with our Indian friends B.L.O.T. in Berlin on 06.03.10 at Salon Zur Wilden Renate, DJ Krick has comeback to India to do a Berlin Sound Tamasha in Delhi the same day at Shalom in Vasant Vihar. The Sound Tamasha family will celebrate simultaneously on 2 different continents hosting 2 events that support the idea of intercultural collaboration. While we shake it on the dance floor in Delhi our friends will heat it up back in Berlin.

Join us for the come back of DJ Krick to India. It’s all set up for him to get us all into the Musti Mood the same way he did during his previous visit last year. DJ Krick will have some special surprises in store which we are going to witness as soon as he puts on his first smoking vinyl.

Become a part of the international Tamasha family and celebrate with us around the globe. We are looking forward creating the real excitement of a unique Tamasha performance.

Artist profile DJ Krick:

Ever since his first mixing and scratching experiences in 1998, DJ Krick was interested in improving hi sound by always searching for new musical influences from the present as well as from the past. Starting with Hip Hop and R&B music he began to intersperse House and Dance classics which got him DJ residencies in clubs all over his hometown.

Moving to Berlin in 2003 DJ Krick got exposed to the local electronic music scene. Absorbing the sound of all those internationally known DJs and producers he started presenting his own interpretation of Techno and House music on various Mix-CDs which are still listened to widely, like his early DJ-sets in clubs like Polar TV, Sternradio or numerous underground clubs.

Together with his mates, DJ Krick founded the DJ crew Edelmut Berlin. With legendary DJ Sets at the notorious Bar25 they became a vivid part of Berlins club scene for playing a funky, minimal tech-house sound. DJ-sets in many more clubs ensued, such as in: Tresor, Watergate, Arena Club, Ballhaus Ost and Waschhaus. Amongst others, DJ Krick has performed together with acts like Andre Galluzzi, M.A.N.D.Y., Tobi Neumann, Housemeister, Dinky, Tom Clark and Matthias Tanzmann ? just to mention a few.

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