Tokyo Sound Tamasha featuring DJ Jet Stream

  • 2010/02/10(水) 15:07:41

Shalom Peace Experiments and Culture Must present

Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 9:30pm
Location: Shalom Med Lounge Bar - Vasant Vihar, D - Block Market

Two of the oldest forms of traditional Japanese music are shōmyō, Buddhist chanting, and gagaku, orchestral court music, both of which date to the Nara and Heian periods. Also, the samurai listened to and performed in different musical activities as a practice enriching their lives and understanding. Musical theater in Japan, just like the Tamasha in India, developed from an early age and is still celebrated today.

On 13.02.10 at Shalom in Vasant Vihar you will have the possibility to witness the very latest of Japanese musical and performing traditions. DJ Jet Stream, one of the hottest artists in modern Japanese music, will set the floor on fire celebrating the Tokyo Sound Tamasha with the Delhi party crowd.

Spread the news as it will be his last gig in town before he travels back to his current base in Kathmandu.

デリーを中心に世界中のDJを招聘しデリーのパーティーピープルを魅了している[sound tamasha]に呼んでいただけることに。

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